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Ciao Ecuador!

I think I could actually pick up Spanish, that is if I lived here long enough. I suddenly find myself actually speaking it. Or that is a form of baby Spanish? Okay. I admit… I use a great deal of charades complete with hand gestures and “sounds like”.

My stay here has gone by all too fast as I head home tomorrow. I definitely plan to return, and have a romantic itinerary planned complete with a romantic hacienda built upon Inca ruins and llamas that eat carrots out of ones mouth (how’s that for romantic? Nothing says romance more than a slobbery animal sharing a carrot or two.) Also a little horse back riding and mountain climbing, beautiful vistas and hot springs. The only piece missing is the man, but I’ll worry about that later.

After spending 11 days with 12 of them I know how a lady should be treated and my “poncho boys” treated me like a queen. You guys were great company, laughter and 8 bottles of red wine later. I thought the motto was one or none?

To RMI, I want to thank you for listening to me since I know that you put a good deal of thought into just the right personality to accompany and guide me in the mountains. Seth is wonderful and I have to commend his parents for raising such a thoughtful and honest son. To me he showed great patience, kindness and guidance. I hope I didn’t test him too much and he still is looking forward to guiding me on Everest this spring.

Time to return to home base and get ready for the holidays. I look forward to enjoying my friends and family and taking time to rest and regroup before heading back to Nepal in March.

This trip was not only to climb with RMI and get acquainted with Seth, but to experience all that is Ecuador and we certainly accomplished that. Again, it really is all about that famous, overused cliche (but I can not help but use it!). It is all about the journey, and mine started nearly 12 years ago with my diagnosis of MS. And it is ever enhanced today as I leave Ecuador taking with me a million memories.

Happy holidays to all and God bless us everyone!

Climb On!



From the Summit of Cotopaxi!

Hi everyone, just a quick update from Wendy in Ecuador. Today she and other climbers on her team summited Cotopaxi. As the oldest climber and the only woman on the team, Wendy was happy to be the first to reach the summit after a long, tiring day.

Thanks for your support – and climb on!


RMI’s dispatch…

December 4 – 14, 2009 Ecuador’s Volcanoes Expedition
December 10, 2009 (5:43 a.m. PT voicemail)
Lead Guide: Casey Grom

Hello, this is Casey Grom calling from the summit of Cotopaxi!

We are just now standing on top in perfect weather with no wind. It has been a great day but a pretty tough day with deep snow and steep ice climbing to get us to the top. Our summit attempt took almost 7 1/2 hours and we have five out of nine climbers standing on the summit with Billy and me. We will be heading down soon and will check in later today from our next hacienda.

Wendy’s Inspirational Quilt Entry

Visit the Inspirational Quilt project for the upcoming Extraordinary Measures film and vote for Wendy’s video entry! Her charity could receive $5,000 if we win!

What’s your Number?

Ecuador:  Well, I am back in the mountains and after that huge ‘mountain hangover’ I am finding myself loving every second.  I am climbing with a new guide company, RMI, and if the last three days are any indication I am with a top notch group.  In addition to that, I am climbing with 12 awesome men!  Ahhhh… be still my heart.  There have been more fun and laughs then I have enjoyed in a long time.  Nothing nicer than being with people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Today we did an acclimatization hike to 14,300 feet.  We stopped along the way to test our blood oxygen levels with a small meter.  We were instructed not to share the number and to keep it a secret since everyone reacts differently to altitude and the number doesn’t always indicate performance.  We are meeting up for dinner in a few minutes and I plan to get that number out of each one of them!  Nothing a little red wine can’t help along. 😉

Okay off to complete my mission… wonder how hard it is going to be?

Climb On!


p.s.  mine was 95!

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About Wendy Booker

In June of 1998, this 55 year old mother of three was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS after experiencing balance problems, blurred vision and numbness on her left side. When first diagnosed, Wendy was devastated. But it took very little time for her to transform anguish into inspiration. She immediately turned her hobby of casual running into a continuous pursuit and has now completed nine marathons.

Mountain climbing became the next conquest. Wendy learned about a team of mountain climbers with Multiple Sclerosis who were attempting to climb Mt. McKinley (Denali) in Alaska. With no previous climbing experience, she dedicated a year to hard training and set off with them in 2002. Although weather conditions prohibited the team from completing, Wendy attempted the summit again in 2004 on her own and she succeeded!

The feeling of accomplishment she experienced propelled her next aspiration: to climb the highest mountain on each continent. Just five years later, Wendy Booker has successfully reached the top of six of The Seven Summits – Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. McKinley, Mt. Elbrus, Mt. Aconcagua, Mt. Vinson Massif and Mt. Kosciuszko. Mt. Everest, the highest mountain on earth, still awaits for 2010.